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Waiora - Water of Life

Independent Waiora Distributor

Waiora (pronounced WAY-OR-AH, Polynesian word meaning "Water of Life") is an international, nutritional manufacturing and distribution company with corporate offices in Boca Raton, Florida. Waiora was established in 2004 and is debt free. Their products are distributed worldwide by independent distributors through the network marketing distribution method.

They have created and dominate the worldwide market on a unique, natural and safe systemic detoxifier called Natural Cellular Defense (NCD), which is clinically proven through 14 studies and is FDA recognized as a safe and effective way to remove harmful toxins and heavy metals from the body. In fact, NCD is so powerful that many traditional MDs have discovered it and are using it personally and recommending it professionally. Natural Cellular Defense is sweeping the healing community and there are thousands of powerful testimonials about it.

Toxins? Unseen Killers? -- 10 minutes

Background on Waiora
Our flagship product is called Natural Cellular Defense (NCD). This specially processed clinoptilolite zeolite is used as a health supplement that is absorbed into the blood stream when taken orally; it is also very effective when used topically.

Breakthrough - Doctors Speak Out - 20 minutes
MDs Discuss Natural Cellular Defense

Doctors Comment on Natural Cellular Defense
Read Doctor's Comments on Natural Cellular Defense

Prior to Waiora's NCD, clinoptilolite zeolite had only been used as an intestinal health supplement because the large particle size prevented most of it from passing into the blood stream, which limited the health benefits almost completely to the digestive tract. Further research by NCD's inventor, Rik Deitsch, who developed the proprietary manufacturing process, resulted in improved methods of removing native contaminants from the clinoptilolite plus a mineral buffering system that greatly improved the efficacy of NCD as a systemic detoxifier through cation exchange.

Waiora researched and developed Natural Cellular Defense (NCD) - specially processed clinoptilolite zeolite

Since the introduction of NCD, Waiora has sold almost 4 million bottles and the result has been tens of thousands of healthier people and many hundreds of wonderful testimonials. NCD is also used by many physicians who have publicly endorsed this unique product. This is an exciting development because conventional medical professionals are typically very skeptical of all nutriceutical products and their training is pharmaceutical-oriented. The scientist who created the proprietary manufacturing process for NCD, Rik Deitsch, continues to research and improve NCD. The current product is the most potent NCD ever produced and people are reporting health benefits in record time!

Waiora Breakthrough Immune Product
Mega Defense Immune Product
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Waiora is repeating their huge NCD success by bringing a breakthrough immune product to the nutraceutical marketplace. This product has been tested against one of the most powerful chemotherapy drugs (camptothecin) and was shown to be just as powerful But Without The Side Effects! This breakthrough immune product will give severely health-challenged people an additional method of countering the ravages of most diseases and achieving optimal health.

The natural health community is very excited and can't wait for the release of Waiora's breakthrough immune system supplement. Waiora distributors are also extremely excited and looking forward to a repeat of our huge business growth when NCD was introduced. Best of all, only one company in the entire world has the patented Agaricus Blazei Murrill DNA and the ability to reproduce the growth medium which is vital for the production of the bioactives. Waiora is the sole, worldwide distributor of this product!

Waiora Overview - 5 minutes

Waiora is a Full-Line Nutraceutical Company
Waiora distributes a full line of nutraceuticals and has found great synergy between NCD and many of their other nutraceuticals. They are in the process of enhancing their other products with NCD and we are seeing a dramatic increase in the effectiveness of these products, including Waiora's Essential Daily Nutrition (EDN) and their Superior Fiber Blend. Waiora's Chava Vital Chocolate has shown this powerful synergy and was the "proof of concept" in adding NCD to some of their other existing nutraceuticals.

Waiora created the world's most powerful and delicious healing chocolate called Chava Vital Chocolate. Properly prepared cacao is a very powerful medicine and was used for thousands of years by the Aztecs and Mayans. There are over 1500 research articles proving the health-promoting abilities of cacao. Europeans turned cacao into candy chocolate (cocoa) by alkalyzing it and adding milk and high glycemic sweeteners which also changed it from being a powerful health food into a health-destroying candy. Visit our Chava Vital Chocolate page and learn about this powerful healing chocolate.

Waiora supplements

Beware of Imitators
Waiora is the company that not only created NCD, but also created and dominates the entire clinoptilolite detoxification market. Yes, there were other companies selling clinoptilolite long before Waiora ever existed but those were solely for use in the digestive tract; it was Rik Deitsch and Waiora who pioneered the use of clinoptilolite for systemic detoxification.

Many other companies are attempting to cash in on the zeolite detoxification market Waiora created and the amount of misinformation put out by them has been huge. Keep in mind that Waiora created this category of health supplement and is the dominant company in the systemic detoxifier clinoptilolite market. Only Waiora has the clinical proof and scientific studies to back up the efficacy of their product, not to mention many hundreds of testimonials. More and more health professionals who have tested NCD are now recommending it to their patients as a safe and effective way to maximize their health.

Examine This Website Closely
Take the time to examine the information on this website and go through the testimonials. Our products could be of huge benefit to your health or the health of someone you know and we have the best guarantee in the industry.

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